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Agricultural Background

Madhya Pradesh answers to a stream of superlatives. Diversity is the feature of it's feature. While this is well-known, an inquisitive eye can explore much more.

Area wise it is the second largest state with 308252 sq km of geographical area and a estimated population of about 07.27 (census 2011) crore.

About 72.37% population is rural, depending mainly on agriculture.

Approximately 49.03% of the geographical area is under cultivation. Of the total gross cropped area Crop group Cereals covers 38% , Crop group Pulses 22% and Crop group Oilseed 31% and the remaining is covered by Crop group Commercial (cotton & sugarcane etc.), vegetables, fruit, fodder and medicinal crops.

Of the total gross cropped area 55% is sown in Kharif season, 45% in Rabi season and multiple cropped area is about 30%.

The state share (2008-09) in the total national production of oilseeds is 31% (Soybean 63.74%), pulses 29% ( Gram 45%) and the state is ranked Number Ist in the country in production of oilseeds and state is ranked Number 2nd in the country in production of jowar and Masoor. state is ranked Number 3rd in the Country in production of Maize and Tur (Arhar) and 4th in production of Peas.

The State also leads in spices production with the largest production of Garlic, accounting for 37% of the total national production and is second largest producer of Coriander in the country.

Among vegetables, Malwa potato has gained famous for potato chips processing. The state's share in the total national production of Peas 11.18 %..

Major Agriculture and Horticulture crops are: